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Dr. Mitsy Itoh, MD, MPH

Pediatrician, Board Certified Specialist in Public Health

Dr. Mitsy Itoh lived in UK during childhood and is a bilingual in Japanese and English.

She graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, worked for decades as a simultaneous interpreter, then entered Teikyo University School of Medicine after her second child entered junior school. She completed junior residency training at The University of Tokyo Hospital, and joined the Department of Pediatrics.

She graduated from The School of Public Health, at Tokyo University, and served as Project Researcher at the Department of Public Health/Health Policy in the Graduate School of Medicine.

Academic Society Membership:

Japanese Society of Pediatrics

American Association of Pediatrics

Japanese Society of Endocrinology

Japanese Society of Pediatric Neurology

Japanese Society of Public Health

Japanese Society of Integrative Health

Japanese Society of Medical Aromatherapy

International Society of Infantile Seizures

Dr. Emiko Ando, MD, MPH

In office on Wednesday afternoons

Board Certified Specialist on Pediatrics, Board Certified Instructor in Pediatrics, Master of Public Health. NCPR Provider

Dr. Ando will see children based on general pediatrics with viewpoint of public health.

Graduated from The University of Tokyo, Medical School, Graduated from The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, School of Public Health.

Visiting Researcher at The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Social Preventive Epidemiology, Researcher at the Department of Social Medicine Researches, National Center of Childhood Development

Academic Society Membership:

 Japanese Society of Pediatrics

 Editor of Medical Note presents Essence of  Pediatric Outpatient Care, ~thinking from symptoms~ (Supervised by N. Inoue, Edited by Emiko Ando). Chugai Igakusha, 2017

Dr. Misako Hangaishi MD, PhD

In office on Thursday afternoons

Cardiology Specialist, Occupational Health Specialist, Certified Internal Medicine doctor

Physician, trained in Kampo oriental herbal medicine,

Graduated from Tsukuba University

Occupational Medicine doctor at Mitsubishi Electric Company, Director of Health Promotion Center

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