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Vaccination (children, adults)

Hib(Haemophilus Influenzae Type B)(ACTHib) 8000 yen(+tax)

Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio(Tetrabik)   10000 yen (+tax)

MR (measles, rubella)(Mearubik)             8500 yen (+tax)

Japanese encephalitis(Jebik)                6000 yen (+tax)

Streptococcus pneumoniae(Pneumovax)     8000 yen

Varicella(Chicken pox)(Biken)            7500 yen

Rota(Rotateq)                                      8000 yen

Hepatitis B(Heptavax II)                         5500 yen

Genetic testing for obesity risk

Genetic testing for obesity risk (blood)   9500 yen(+tax)

Two types of genes associated with obesity risk, beta 3 adrenalin receptor and beta 2 adrenaline receptor will be tested. Depending on the genetic type, you may be consuming about 200 Kcal less. This information can be utilized to plan your diet and exercise, to prevent obesity.  Medical doctor's consultation after the test result is available at 5000 yen (+tax). 

Continuous blood sugar monitoring

Continuous blood sugar monitoring test (sensor + reader) for 14 days  7,000 yen(+tax)

A sensor is attached to the back of your upper arm (no pain) for 14 days to continuously monitor your blood sugar. This system is beneficial as this can easily monitor your blood sugar trend in relation to your meals, exercise, sleep. The monitored trend is shared with your medical doctor. A medical doctor is available for consultation on diet, exercise, sleep, stress management at 5000  yen (+ tax).

(If in case of damage or loss of the Reader, 7000 yen shall be charged). 


Documentation fee for filling out forms including the following is  3000 yen (+ tax) :

    Day Care



    Life Insurance.

    Family Medical Leave

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