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調和食🄬 Harmony Food🄬シリーズ

The English shown following the Japanese.

こどものカラダ・脳・心の健全な発達に必要な11種類のビタミン・ミネラルを配合したパウダーサプリを考案 設計しました。


ビタミン・ミネラルが不足すると風邪など感染症にかかりやすくなる、脳機能が低下したりイライラしやすい、 といった研究もあります。ビタミンDが不足している子どもが日本で多いことも私の研究論文で示しています。







内容量 1パックに 30包入り

価格 4,000円 (税別)




Kids’ Support (KODOMO SUPPORT)
Harmony Food® Series

Kids’ Support Medical Supplementation

We designed a medical supplement with 11 minerals and vitamins essential for kids’ healthy body/brain/mind, all-in-one in powder form.

Studies show that 20 to 50% of healthy infants/toddlers are deficient in micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. There are studies that show that children with low concentration of micronutrients are more susceptible to cold and other infections. Children with low micronutrients tend to have more skin trouble. Low mineral is linked to lower brain function, and with irritability.

I have shown in my academic paper that Japanese children with vitamin D deficiency is on the rise. Children who are picky eaters are more prone to cold symptoms, and there are many associations between food/nutrition and infection.

There are kids-friendly supplements in other countries, in liquid form or powder form, but those are not readily available in Japan.

Therefore, we designed this Kids’ Support medical supplementation so that infants/toddlers can take 11 vitamins and minerals easily. One package contains the maximum dose for a 0 to 1 year old to take in a day (per Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor of Japan).




For infants above 6 months old. One pack a day, for kids from 6 months to 2 years old, to be taken as supplements, with drinks, weaning food, miso-soup or stew. You can use one pack within one day, dividing it in a several times. For kids older than 3 years old, 2 packs a day can be taken.

Content: 30 sachets in one package

Price: \4,000 + tax        

Sold at our clinic. 

Kid's Support (English)
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