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Regarding reservations for medical examinations

Reservations can only be made online on our hospital website, even if you wish to be seen on the same day.
Please note that, in principle, we cannot accept reservations for medical examinations by telephone.
The doctor in charge will change depending on the day of the week and the nature of the treatment.



・Other medical


・Change of reservation
・Cancellation of reservation


Click here to reserve online

・Reservation for medical examination


・Various vaccinations  ・Regular medical 




・Inquiries regarding medical examination details


・If there is a cancellation on the day of your appointment, we will open up the treatment slot immediately, so please check the ``Online Reservation'' page on our website for availability.
・Please refrain from inquiring about availability over the phone.
・We cannot accept referrals to other medical institutions over the phone when reservations are full.
・If you are a regular patient, please make your next appointment at the time of your visit if possible.
・For information on doctor's closures, please see the "Notices" section of the top page.
​・Even if you specify a doctor for your reservation, we may change your reservation due to medical reasons. note that.
・If you have set your spam email settings, you may not receive the reservation confirmation email. in advanceappointments@wixbookings.comPlease set up your reception settings.

patients who wish to see the doctor


Thank you for always using Akasaka Family Clinic.
Recently, there have been a large number of patients requesting medical examinations, and it has been difficult to make reservations.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
We are very fortunate that our hospital has patients from all over Japan and all over the world who wish to see us.
Because the consultations cover a wide range of topics, many patients require a full 30-minute session.
In addition, as we strive to provide as thorough examinations as possible, we are limited in the number of patients we can see each day.
(Basically, only one doctor attends each day)

Due to our location in Akasaka, there is very little space for patients to wait. It is also necessary to separate patients suspected of having an infectious disease from other patients.
“I’m suffering from a fever, so why aren’t you seeing me?”
"I just need to give the medicine, so it'll be over in no time. I want you to see a doctor."
"Can't we do something for at least one person?"
"Does this mean that patients with sudden fever will not be seen at this clinic?"
Lately, we have been receiving more than a dozen calls every day asking for requests or scoldings like the ones above. As a clinic, we would like to provide as many consultations as possible, but due to the limited number of staff, we are unable to devote much time to answering the phone.

For the reasons mentioned above, we have decided to establish rules regarding reservations. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Akasaka Family Clinic


Online reservation


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