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Vaccinations (children, adults)


Hib (Haemophilus influenzae) (ActHib)

8,000 yen

Mixture of four types (tetravic)

Measles rubella (MR) (Milbic)

Japanese encephalitis (Jebic V)

Pneumococcus (Pneumovax)

Chickenpox (Viken)

Rotavirus (Rotatec)

Hepatitis B (Heptavax II)

influenza vaccine

10,000 yen

8,500 yen

6,000 yen

8,000 yen

7,500 yen

8,000 yen

5,500 yen

3,000 yen

・Fees are at your own expense.
・If the item is out of stock, a delivery date may be required.

making document


Medical information form, doctor's opinion, vaccination certificate, etc.
All services are available in English.


From 3,000 yen (excluding tax)

Document preparation fee

Developmental and intelligence testing


The WISC-IV test is conducted by a clinical psychologist.

<What is WISC-IV>
This is an intelligence test for children aged 5 years, 0 months to 16 years, 11 months.
By completing a variety of tasks (such as those that ask about the meaning of words, tasks that use building blocks or pictures, and questions that ask simple memory skills), you will be able to complete tests that show general intellectual ability, as well as those that test specific cognitive areas. We calculate four indicators of intellectual function (language comprehension, perceptual reasoning, processing speed, and working memory) to gain a multifaceted understanding of children's intelligence. From there, you can find out what the child is good at and what they are weak at, and get clues about how to provide better support for the child.


<Required time>
Implementation time: Approximately 120 minutes


-Due to the wide variety of test items, some children may not be able to concentrate until the end. In that case, we may temporarily suspend the inspection and conduct the remaining items at a later date.
​・It will take about two weeks to create the report.

From 15,000 yen (excluding tax)

Writing result report




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